Published: Sep 12 2013, 07:28:pm


    Of course I'm flattered that you would consider contributing to the upkeep of Reeling Back, but it's still very much a work in progress. For the moment, I'm doing my best to establish this noncommercial website as my personal memory palace in cyberspace.

    Call it an experiment in dynamic retirement. Experts tell us that aging brains need stimulation and that merely staying alive is not enough. Building something is what's needed, so I'm doing what I can to stay in the game and contribute, not just to our store of pop-culture knowledge, but to our understanding of it.

    As the website evolves, I'll see how it fits into the fabric of the Internet and what demands it makes on my time and energy. And, yes, I am a pensioner on a fixed income. It was my thought, if we're all here in a year's time, perhaps to ask for help in continuing to build its cyberstructure.

BUT WAIT . . .

    Friends better acquainted with emerging online etiquette tell me to think again. They tell me that there are net-izens who actually want to participate in site-building from the get-go, and these good folk should be given the option of exercising that choice. If that is your sincere wish, clicking on the button below will let you make a one-time contribution to reelingback. The amount is up to you.

HOW CAN I THANK YOU . . . ?    

    As a participant in this project, you deserve a say in its direction. Use the comment box below to send me a list of the five movies (made between 1973 and 1995) that you'd most like to read about on I'll select the title closest to the top of your list that I actually reviewed (there are some films that even I missed) and give it a priority posting.