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When in Rome . . .

How to solve a problem like Kristina

Oscar buzz is part of the marketing campaign for the independent British feature film Mary, Queen of Scots as it goes into release today (December 7). According to the oddsmakers, three-time nominee Saoirse Ronan, who plays the title role, is likely to be among the best actress contenders when the 91st Academy Awards are handed out on February 24, 2019. Her co-star, Margot Robbie, who has one previous nomination, is touted as supporting actress competitor for her work as Mary’s nemesis, England’s Queen Elizabeth. That the Brits should be inclined to revisit their tumultuous past is hardly surprising. They may even take comfort in it during the mess that their Brexit process has become. Less remarked upon is the fascination that American audiences have with tales of dynasty and royal prerogative. The nation’s egalitarian values would seem to be at odds with the divine rights claimed by those born to wealth and privilege. And yet Disney’s “magic kingdom” thrives, with a princess for every day of the week. The special burden of monarchy when the sovereign is a queen is central to the stories told in the three films being added to the Reeling Back archive this Friday (with links to each following the Afterword to this posting). Sweden’s 17th-century Queen Kristina chose to exchange one set of problems for another, the story told in director Anthony Harvey’s 1974 feature The Abdication.


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More grubby than gritty

Faithless remake fails to be funny

Much honoured for his raw, gritty stage plays, David Mamet was born on this day (November 30) in 1947. Comedy, on the other hand, was never his forte, a fact Mamet demonstrated in his 1989 screenplay for director Neil Jordan’s mirthless made-in-B.C. remake of We’re No Angels.

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Heart in the right place

. . . but the guts are malfunctioning

U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, born on this day (November 14) in 1908, made his name synonymous with Red-baiting political extremism. Among the unintended consequences of his persecution of leftist celebrities was writer-director Martin Ritt’s risible blacklist drama, 1976’s The Front.


A bleak and white tale

Living in the land of a monster-god

Francisco Franco, born on this day (December 4) in 1892, went to war promising to make Spain great again. His repressive 36-year rule was nearing its end when director Victor Erice created a careful, artistic metaphor for the Francoist era, 1973’s The Spirit of the Beehive.


Reeling Back set back

My Blog; Your Guide to What's New

The plan was to increase the number of postings to the website during my recovery from some recent medical issues. Today (September 4) I'll explain why that didn't happen. Be warned, this blog entry contains the somewhat disturbing C-word.



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