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Shooting on location in the hereafter

Published: Jan 01 2016, 01:01:am

Adventures in the Afterlife

Friday, January 1, 2016.

COMMON TO ALMOST ALL of man's major religions is the belief that the end is just the beginning, that death opens the door to someplace new and perhaps better. In recent years, science has introduced some skepticism to the mix, and some anxiety as well. Fortunately, the prophets of popular cultural are on the job, offering reassurance that there really are more things in heaven and earth that we might dream of following an episode of, say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From the brief descriptions that follow, identify the imaginative television shows in which the adventures carry over into the afterlife:     

1.     When he teams up with the dynamic cop-turned-P.I. Vicki Nelson, Toronto-based comic book artist and vampire Henry Fitzroy brings 470 years of undead experience to their fight against urban crime.

2.    Before moving on to the Land of the Dead, murdered West Coast rock musician Eric Draven returns to the mean streets of earth to right wrongs, seek revenge and generally tie up loose ends.

3.    After dying in a freak accident involving space junk, Seattle teen Georgia Lass joins the External Influence Division team responsible for collecting the souls of accident victims and guiding them into the hereafter.

4.    Following a fatal encounter with a drug dealer, medical resident Liv Moore takes a job at the Seattle morgue, where her undead powers prove useful in the police department's homicide investigations.    

5.    The product of a deal with the devil, Seattle slacker Sam Oliver clerks at the local Work Bench big box store when he's not acting as a bounty hunter for his Satanic Majesty. Sam's after-hours job involves returning escaped souls to the depths of hell.

6.    Recent arrivals in the New York City morgue have a friend in Tru Davis, a former medical student who has the gift of travelling back in time. She is able to relive the previous day in an attempt to avert their untimely deaths.    

7.    Dealing with heavenly agents and the spawn of hell have cost Kansas-born monster hunters Sam and Dean Winchester their own lives on a number of  occasions. Death may slow down, but never stops their apocalyptic adventures.

     What is it that all of the above television shows have in common? Here's a clue — it can be summed up in a phrase used by real estate agents to describe what's most important in choosing a property.


1.    Blood Ties (broadcast on Space/Lifetime Network, 2007)
2.    The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (in syndication, 1998-1999)
3.    Dead Like Me (broadcast on Showtime, 2003-2004)
4.    iZombie (broadcast on the CW Network, 2015-present)
5.    Reaper (broadcast on the CW Network, 2007-2009)
6.    Tru Calling (broadcast on the Fox Network, 2003-2005)
7.    Supernatural (broadcast on the CW Network, 2005-present)
     Location, location, location. All seven of the shows in this quiz were shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.
The above is an original Reeling Back Quiz by Michael Walsh, first published Friday, January 1, 2016.