Published: Sep 12 2013, 07:28:pm


    . . . that every reporter has an unfinished book in his desk drawer. It starts out with an idea that grows into notes and perhaps an outline before being set aside, not quite abandoned but not likely to be finished any time soon.

    When I began thinking about a website, I realized that I had at least four maybe-books by Michael Walsh in that drawer. Each one represents time spent assembling bits of information that I thought would be worth sharing. And, even if they never come together in book form, the bits themselves might be interesting, much like points made in a conversation before it drifts off in other directions.

     Now that Reeling Back is underway, I realize that this particular corner of the project is not my most immediate priority. For the moment, then, these NOTES will remain in the drawer, rather than as postings in a slowly expanding section of the website. Even so, I couldn't resist including the possibility of returning to them sometime in the future. That's why I'm putting up this . . .


. . . sign. It stakes out the lot upon which I'll one day build the storage lockers for four works-in-progress. Titles include:

*     Chordial Relations: A comprehensive consideration of creative collaboration focusing on composers and their work with film directors.
*     Father's Daughter: Examines the fact that, from the early 1990s onward, the father/daughter relationship has become an increasingly prominent theme in motion pictures.
*     The Once and Future Villain: Detailing the cinema's eight-decades-long fascination with Nazis as the ultimate evil (nearly 70 years longer than Hitler's Third Reich).
*     The Silicon Screen: Chronicles the story of the computer as seen through the eyes of feature filmmakers.