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Published: Oct 31 2013, 01:01:am

Thursday, October 31


    Yes, that's my name. Until Tuesday, it hadn't occurred to me that none of the postings that make up the Reeling Back website actually identify the author of the content. That is a bit embarrassing when you consider the frequent use of first person singular in the restored reviews and Afterwords that follow.

    I was my wife (and diligent proofreader) who pointed it out. But, I said, there's that Editorial box on the Home page, the one with the headline "Reviewing Citizen Walsh." There's even a picture. It's not like I'm excessively humble.

    Her point was that a site visitor coming to a Reeling Back page other than Home — someone directed to a specific topic by a search engine, say — would have no idea who wrote the piece they were reading. As usual, she was right.

    At some point, I'm going to have to ask the design team that built the site if we can redo the banner at the top of the page to include that extra bit of information/identification. Until then, I've gone back and added "by Michael Walsh" to the FAQ notice that follows every posting. And I'll include a byline on these blog entries going forward.

    Tomorrow we'll be into a new month.  Among the dates on my Reeling Back calendar are November 3 (Charles Bronson's birthday, and a good time to recall his 1977 film Telefon, a thriller keyed to the timely topic of spycraft); November 8 (Bram Stoker's birthday, when we'll recall a movie based on his most famous character, Dracula); November 11 (a special Remembrance Day feature) and November 13 (the 73rd anniversary of the animated classic Fantasia's premiere).