Countdown to Christmas

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Published: Dec 13 2013, 01:01:am

Friday, December 13, 2013

    It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. As I type these words, the house is filled with the scent of seasonal cookie baking. The neighbourhood is ablaze with red, green and silver-white lights. Radio hosts offer up playlists of seasonal songs. Well, contrarian that I am, I view the corporate celebration that Christmas has become with some melancholy.

     Retailers regard the "gift-giving season" as yet another commercial opportunity, an attitude reflected in the entertainment industries where the production of seasonally-themed music and movies has became massive. Last Sunday (Dec. 8), I received an email from the Burnaby-based C&L Internet Club, announcing seasonal discounts on all of its Christmas DVDs. Clicking through to its website, I discovered a daunting list of 420 titles on offer, enough cheer for a lifetime of Yuletide bliss.

    Mindful of my responsibilities to Reeling Back visitors, I've decided upon a seasonal countdown of my own. Starting tomorrow (Dec. 14), we'll recall a movie a day until Christmas Day. In a reversal on the traditional 12 Days (which begin Dec. 25th), we'll follow the lead of television's programmers and end our postings on the year's essential statutory holiday.
    After that, we'll return to a new posting every second day until New Year's Eve.