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Published: Apr 14 2014, 01:01:am

Monday, April 14, 2014
NOT A LOVE STORY: A FILM ABOUT PORNOGRAPHY — Courting controversy, the National Film Board's Studio D produced this less-than-objective 1981 feature documentary, looking at an issue that divides feminists and their sympathizers to this day. (posted April 14)

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY — Yes, the Russians made it into outer space first, but Anglo-American filmmaker Stanley Kubrick won the race for inner space with his 1968 trip to Jupiter under the all-seeing electronic eye of the HAL 9000 computer. (posted April 12)

SAVAGE MESSIAH — The premiere of Vancouver playwright Joan Bryans' Rebel Woman, a celebration of the suffragette movement, reminded me of Ken Russell's 1972 feature, and Helen Mirren's portrayal of fictional women's rights protestor Gosh Boyle. (posted April 10)


APOCALYPSE NOW — Two reviews — a first and second consideration — of one unique motion picture experience, together with my interview with director Francis Ford Coppola the day after the film's New York premiere. (both posted April 7)

INSATIBLE — From 1980, a film that attempted to blend "elegant erotica" with "porno chic," and my interview with actress Marilyn Chambers, in which she discusses working with David Cronenberg on his 1977 feature, Rabid. (both posted April 3)

THE AVENGERS — In the search for something to like about Joss Whedon's super-successful superhero movie, I discovered Cobie Smulders, a Vancouver-born actress with a connection to the VCON convention. (posted April 3)

(Working title) STAR TREK — The story of a leaked memo, dated April 1, 1977, that detailed studio plans to explore the final frontier in a movie that would include none of the original television show's cast. (posted April 1)

VINCENT & THEO — Recalled on the anniversary of artist Vincent Van Gogh's birth was director Robert Altman's take on the life and times of the brothers for whom art was their lives, but not much of a living. (posted March 30)