Art of Heavy Metal, The (1981 book) - Author reveals Heavy Metal secrets
Behind the Oscar (1993 book) - Casting doubt on Oscar's honesty
But Not in Canada! (1976 book) - Canadians no better, but no worse
Comics: Three histories (1972; 1972; 1974 books) - Recording the moment of maturation
Deadly Tail, A (2016; book) - Movie mania at the Great Crossroads
Embattled Shadows (1978 book) - Approach suits the Canadian spirit
Hollywood's First Choices (1994 book) - “Revelations” lacking in enterprise
Hollywood’s Canada (1975 book) - Ottawa complicit in Hollywood’s fraud
John Badham on Directing - 2nd Ed (2020 book) - Not about to give up on art or craft
Opening Shots (1993 book) - Wanting it in the worst way
Players, The (1994 book) - Companion for videocassette viewers
Reel Vancouver: An Insider's Guide (1996 book) - Location spotting in Hollywood North
Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, The (1970 book) - Historic findings represent a road not taken
Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, The (2017 book) - Such stuff as dreams are made on
Stop the Presses! (1976 book) - Big screen reporters are Barris's beat
W.C. Fields bookshelf (1969; 1971; 1972) - Four volumes recall a unique rye wit