Art of Heavy Metal, The (1981 book) - Author reveals Heavy Metal secrets
Behind the Oscar (1993 book) - Casting doubt on Oscar's honesty
Comics: Three histories (1972; 1972; 1974 books) - Recording the moment of maturation
Deadly Tail, A (2016; book) - Movie mania at the Great Crossroads
Embattled Shadows (1978 book) - Approach suits the Canadian spirit
Hollywood's First Choices (1994 book) - “Revelations” lacking in enterprise
Opening Shots (1993 book) - Wanting it in the worst way
Players, The (1994 book) - Companion for videocassette viewers
Reel Vancouver: An Insider's Guide (1996 book) - Location spotting in Hollywood North
Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, The (1970 book) - Historic findings represent a road not taken
Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, The (2017 book) - Such stuff as dreams are made on
Stop the Presses! (1976 book) - Big screen reporters are Barris's beat
W.C. Fields bookshelf (1969; 1971; 1972) - Four volumes recall a unique rye wit


Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (1993; doc) - A truth more appalling than fiction
April 1, 1977: Star Trek - Leaked memo reveals studio's options
April 1, 1990. Casting Call - Someday these remakes will come
Atomic Cafe, The (1982; doc) - Life's a blast in the era of the atom
Behold Hawaii (1983; doc) - Encountering the island’s “old ways”
Com-Ex, 1966's Hart House Comic Book Exposition - VanCAF celebrates once and future art
Damned in the U.S.A. (1992; doc) - Documentary preaches to the converted
Discoverers, The (1992; doc) - Expanding on an Expo moment
Divine Madness (1980; doc) - Preserving that 70s outrageousness
Empress Dowager, The (1975; China) - A new standard in Hong Kong cinema
Female Misbehavior (1992; doc) - Cinémathèque hosts girls’ porn party
Fires of Kuwait (1992; doc) - Celebrating a fearless few's courage
Games of the XXI Olympiad, Montreal 1976 (1977; doc) - Official record not at all informative
God Rides a Harley (1988; doc) - Christian Riders carry message forth
Hôtel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie (1988; doc) - Results of delayed justice examined
Hearts and Minds (1974; doc) - What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
Hearts of Darkness (1991; doc) - Abandoned project given new life
Heaven (1987; doc) - Facing the question of sex after death
Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story (1992; doc) - Result is outrage, not understanding
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones (1973; doc) - Concert doc a monaural mediocrity
Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones (1990; doc) - Film's structure strikes the wrong note
Man Who Saw Tomorrow, The (1981; doc) - Dire predictions of war and peace
Outer Space Connection, The (1975; doc) - On the line with ancient astronauts
Secret Policeman's Other Ball, The (1982; doc) - Doing good works, but not good work
Sex, Drugs & Democracy (1994; doc) - Dutch uncle’s good advice to Canada
Skyward (1985; doc) - Unforced environmental messaging
Titanica (1992; doc) - Deep-sea dive reveals sea changes
War Room, The (1993; doc) - The selling of the presidential product
Weavers: Wasn’t That a Time!, The (1982; doc) - Together again for a reunion concert
What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? (1970; doc) - Narrator’s voice has a built-in pant
Wisecracks (1992; doc) - Standing up to the comic patriarchy


Soundtracks: Heavy Metal — The Score (1981) - Bernstein is Heavy Metal's musical star
Soundtracks: Howard Shore (7 scores) - Notes on seven scores by Howard Shore
Soundtracks: Jerry Goldsmith (8 Scores) - Notes on 8 scores by Jerry Goldsmith
Soundtracks: John Williams (11 scores) - Notes on eleven scores by John Williams


Interview: Anderson, Carl (performer) - His signature tune: I gotta be me
Interview: Bakshi, Ralph (director) - Gambling on a cartooning revolution
Interview: Bluth, Don (director) - Transcending the paint and panels
Interview: Bogdanovich, Peter (director) - Bypassing arguments about money
Interview: Brault, Michel (Director) - Government secrecy a threat to us all
Interview: Castle, William (director); Marceau, Marcel (performer) - Master of Shock directs mime genius
Interview: Chambers, Marilyn (performer; 1980) - Deep down, David's laughing a lot
Interview: Chambers, Marilyn (performer; 1983) - It's a matter of freedom of choice
Interview: Chase, Duane (performer) - Alpine acting bred a love of geology
Interview: Coppola, Francis Ford (director) - Filmmaker looks to next adventure
Interview: Crawford, Johnny (performer) - Transition to adult roles no easy task
Interview: Crawley, F.R. Budge (producer) - Planning for future of feature films
Interview: Cross, Ben (performer) - I'm taking it in my strides
Interview: Derek, John (director) - Beautiful porn a directorial challenge
Interview: Field, Sally (performer) - "They all said you'll never do it"
Interview: Jarrott, Charles (director) - Giving Canadian movies a bit of class
Interview: Juliani, John (director) - Canadian film conventions challenged
Interview: Keane, Laurence (producer) - Genres meshed, couple created
Interview: King, Allan (director) - Exposing cherished cinematic myths
Interview: Kurtz, Gary (producer) - No interest in being an administrator
Interview: Lee, Christopher (performer; 1975; 1980) - Quality script draws acting icon to B.C.
Interview: Lovelace, Linda (performer) - Looking forward without regret
Interview: Mimieux, Yvette (performer) - Contributing to entertainment’s cause
Interview: Needham, Hal (director; 1979) - Falling into a career of fun and games
Interview: Newman, Sydney (producer) - NFB's Newman bears gifts to China
Interview: Pakula, Alan J. (director) - Tension threatened by tedium
Interview: Petrie, Daniel (director; 1978) - Anticipating venomous critical attacks
Interview: Pidgeon, Walter (performer) - Never a thought for retirement
Interview: Pleasence, Donald (performer; 1973) - Finding the fun in being the bad guy
Interview: Porter, Bob (Flesh Gordon investor) - Sexy satire has surprising B.C. roots
Interview: Saba, Arn (comic artist) - Where I should have been all along
Interview: Sayles, John (director) - Downward mobility as screen subject
Interview: Shatner, William (performer) - High impact on a low budget
Interview: Towers, Harry Alan (producer) - London-born producer a London buff
Lotomania (1980; doc) - Regressively taxing poor and elderly
Report: Nathaniel Branden (lecturer) - Ayn Rand inspired a capitalist Christ


Mulholland Dr. (2001) - Solving the mystery of Mulholland Dr.
Quiz: Afterlife adventures - Shooting on location in the hereafter
Quiz: Arthur Hiller, director - Directing the laughter and the tears
Quiz: Britannia Rules Screen Fantasy - Accenting a cinema's English roots
Quiz: Canada's Film Firsts - Our movies had to start somewhere
Quiz: Comic Strip to Screen - Back pages providing screen scenes
Quiz: Dionne Quintuplets - Canada home to the original fab five
Quiz: Fun with the Fuhrer - Cinema's villain for all seasons
Quiz: Gender Benders - Cross-dressing for acting honours
Quiz: He Shoots, He Scores - Stars taking their shots on goal
Quiz: James Bond at 18 - When there were but three
Quiz: Johnny Depp turns 53 - Telling tales of his Terminal City days
Quiz: Keanu Reeves turns 51 - Reality check reveals northern roots
Quiz: Lords and Lovers - Wearing crowns, wielding power
Quiz: Mount Royal Mummers - Spotting Tinseltown's Montrealers
Quiz: My Fellow Canadians - Great White North to White House
Quiz: Press Gang - How do you spell Star Reporters?
Quiz: Queen City Players - Spotting Tinseltown's Torontonians
Quiz: Sci-Fi Shakespeareans - TV sci-fi constant as its northern stars
Quiz: Search for Canuckula - Canada has a Dracul-action plan
Quiz: Star Captains - Viewed from the bridge
Quiz: Traveling through time - Movies taking trips through time

Vancouver Memories

Expo86-01 - The cinematic sequel to Expo 67
Expo86-02 - Small world creates Expo's big shows
Expo86-03 - Small nation produces big innovation
Expo86-04 - One ring to entertain them all
Expo86-05 - Seeing the world in three dimensions
Expo86-06 - Showscan a look into film's future
Expo86-07 - It doesn't get any bigger than IMAX
Expo86-08 - Holovision a smoke & mirrors illusion
Expo86-09 - Video's scene-stealing supporting role
Expo86-10 - One day is worth thousands of photos
Expo86-11 - Simulating visits to faraway places
Expo86-12 - Many screens work to hold attention
Expo86-13 - Much to enjoy on screens off the site
Expo86-14 - Returned from Oz to help the world discover B.C.
Expo86-15 - Communication seriously considered
Expo86-16 - Introducing a 3D format that works
Expo86-17 - State's mission to create the future
Expo86-18 - Neighbours celebrate differences
Expo86-19 - Balanced view of tradition, innovation
Expo86-20 - Central Canada's content contrasted
Expo86-21 - Celebrating the Land of Living Skies
Expo86-22 - Slogan’s origins evoke special spell
Expo86-23 - Promoting a united European future
Expo86-24 - Cosmos becomes a European frontier
Expo86-25 - Nations still playing the train game
Expo86-26 - Involving audiences with star power
Expo86-27 - The Viking approach to exploration
Expo86-28 - An artful approach to Italy’s progress
Expo86-29 - Overcoming tradition’s boundaries
Expo86-30 - Films foreshadow departure to come
Expo86-31 - Memories that have lasted a lifetime
Expo86-32 - Surrounding us with natural beauty
Expo86-33 - Trains, planes once owned by us all
Expo86-34 - Examining Islam and Christianity
Expo86-35 - Introducing a Pacific Rim sensibility
Expo86-36 - Seeking stability in a changing world
Expo86-37 - Looking into global village’s future
Expo86-38 - Final thoughts on our Expo summer
Hollywood Theatre (Vancouver; 1984) - Surviving as an independent
Surf Theatre (Port Coquitlam; 1970) - Adapting program to changing times
Tsongas/health care op-ed (1992) - Medicare debate an American tragedy
Vancouver East Cinema (1990) - Curtain falls on an urban institution
Vancouver's Pacific Press (1979) - 8-month-long strike shutters dailies
VCON 2 - Philip K. Dick (1972) - Weighing in on Wells versus Verne
VIFF Jury Duty (1992) - Summoned to serve; first selected