Interview: Ames, Leon (performer; 1972) - UnearthIng intrigue after hours in B.C.
Interview: Anderson, Carl (performer) - His signature tune: I gotta be me
Interview: Bakshi, Ralph (director) - Gambling on a cartooning revolution
Interview: Bluth, Don (director) - Transcending the paint and panels
Interview: Bogdanovich, Peter (director) - Bypassing arguments about money
Interview: Brault, Michel (Director) - Government secrecy a threat to us all
Interview: Castle, William (director); Marceau, Marcel (performer) - Master of Shock directs mime genius
Interview: Chambers, Marilyn (performer; 1980) - Deep down, David's laughing a lot
Interview: Chambers, Marilyn (performer; 1983) - It's a matter of freedom of choice
Interview: Chase, Duane (performer) - Alpine acting bred a love of geology
Interview: Coppola, Francis Ford (director) - Filmmaker looks to next adventure
Interview: Crawford, Johnny (performer) - Transition to adult roles no easy task
Interview: Crawley, F.R. Budge (producer) - Planning for future of feature films
Interview: Crocker, Barry (performer) - Australians learn to hold their own
Interview: Cross, Ben (performer) - I'm taking it in my strides
Interview: Derek, John (director) - Beautiful porn a directorial challenge
Interview: Downey, Robert (director; 1967) - A satirical voice from the underground
Interview: Duke, Daryl (director; 1973) - Marketing maturity the way forward
Interview: Field, Sally (performer) - "They all said you'll never do it"
Interview: Francovich, Allan (director) - Holding the Company to account
Interview: Fruet, William (director; 1973) - “It’s hell of a way to start a business”
Interview: Hackman, Gene (Performer; 1989) - Saying something he can be proud of
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Interview: Juliani, John (director) - Canadian film conventions challenged
Interview: Keane, Laurence (producer) - Genres meshed, couple created
Interview: Kemeny, John (producer; 1976) - Bethune an intense, complex subject
Interview: King, Allan (director) - Exposing cherished cinematic myths
Interview: Kurtz, Gary (producer) - No interest in being an administrator
Interview: Lee, Christopher (performer; 1975; 1980) - Quality script draws acting icon to B.C.
Interview: Lovelace, Linda (performer) - Looking forward without regret
Interview: Medak, Peter (Director) - Making sense of fantastical things
Interview: Mimieux, Yvette (performer) - Contributing to entertainment’s cause
Interview: Needham, Hal (director; 1979) - Falling into a career of fun and games
Interview: Newman, Sydney (producer) - NFB's Newman bears gifts to China
Interview: Pakula, Alan J. (director) - Tension threatened by tedium
Interview: Petrie, Daniel (director; 1978) - Anticipating venomous critical attacks
Interview: Pidgeon, Walter (performer) - Never a thought for retirement
Interview: Pleasence, Donald (performer; 1973) - Finding the fun in being the bad guy
Interview: Pleasence, Donald (performer; 1974) - Pleasence praises the beauty of B.C.
Interview: Porter, Bob (Flesh Gordon investor) - Sexy satire has surprising B.C. roots
Interview: Price, Vincent (performer; 1974) - Remaining faithful to his first love: art
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Interview: Towers, Harry Alan (producer) - London-born producer a London buff
Interview: Wallace, Ratch (producer) - Believing in a better future for film
Lotomania (1980; doc) - Regressively taxing poor and elderly
Report: Nathaniel Branden (lecturer) - Ayn Rand inspired a capitalist Christ