Mulholland Dr. (2001) - Solving the mystery of Mulholland Dr.
Quiz: Afterlife adventures - Shooting on location in the hereafter
Quiz: Arthur Hiller, director - Directing the laughter and the tears
Quiz: Britannia Rules Screen Fantasy - Accenting a cinema's English roots
Quiz: Canada's Film Firsts - Our movies had to start somewhere
Quiz: Comic Strip to Screen - Back pages providing screen scenes
Quiz: Dionne Quintuplets - Canada home to the original fab five
Quiz: Fun with the Fuhrer - Cinema's villain for all seasons
Quiz: Gender Benders - Cross-dressing for acting honours
Quiz: He Shoots, He Scores - Stars taking their shots on goal
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Quiz: Johnny Depp turns 53 - Telling tales of his Terminal City days
Quiz: Keanu Reeves turns 51 - Reality check reveals northern roots
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Quiz: My Fellow Canadians - Great White North to White House
Quiz: Press Gang - How do you spell Star Reporters?
Quiz: Queen City Players - Spotting Tinseltown's Torontonians
Quiz: Sci-Fi Shakespeareans - TV sci-fi constant as its northern stars
Quiz: Search for Canuckula - Canada has a Dracul-action plan
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Quiz: Traveling through time - Movies taking trips through time