Filmmaking Industry: 8

Bibliography for all sources consulted

Published: Dec 28 2017, 01:01:am

Prepared for Daniel Francis and Encyclopedia of British Columbia
[Published in 2000 by Harbour Publishing]


 THOUGH MUCH WORK HAS been done chronicling the story of filmmaking in British Columbia, much remains to be done. In an attempt to make this Reeling Back restoration of my 2000 Encyclopedia of British Columbia entry a more useful historical resource, the first seven parts in the series have been edited and expanded to include an historic Timeline. With very few exceptions, each item in the Timeline is followed by a reference code in square brackets.
    Created especially for Reeling Back, the bibliography below contains all of the works that I consulted in preparing my account of the region’s Filmmaking Industry. Each entry begins with a code in square brackets that will identify it as the source of a fact listed in the Timeline. For example, the first fact noted in the Part 2  Timeline reads:   
◼︎    1897, March — Films are first exhibited in B.C. in Victoria's Trilby Music Hall. [BC-1/1]
    In the catalogue below, the reference code [BC-1] identifies the second book in the alphabetical list: Colin Browne’s Motion Picture Production In British Columbia: 1898-1940. I hope this provides some help to those of you with a serious interest — or even a casual curiosity — in this fascinating subject.

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The above is Part 8 of an eight-part restoration of an Encyclopedia of British Columbia entry written by Michael Walsh originally published in 2000. For additional information on this archived material, please visit my FAQ.

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