Vancouver Memories

Crusade that Cleaned Up Comics (1967) - No Hope for an historian’s interview
Com-Ex, 1966's Hart House Comic Book Exposition - VanCAF celebrates once and future art
Expo86-01 - The cinematic sequel to Expo 67
Expo86-02 - Small world creates Expo's big shows
Expo86-03 - Small nation produces big innovation
Expo86-04 - One ring to entertain them all
Expo86-05 - Seeing the world in three dimensions
Expo86-06 - Showscan a look into film's future
Expo86-07 - It doesn't get any bigger than IMAX
Expo86-08 - Holovision a smoke & mirrors illusion
Expo86-09 - Video's scene-stealing supporting role
Expo86-10 - One day is worth thousands of photos
Expo86-11 - Simulating visits to faraway places
Expo86-12 - Many screens work to hold attention
Expo86-13 - Much to enjoy on screens off the site
Expo86-14 - Returned from Oz to help the world discover B.C.
Expo86-15 - Communication seriously considered
Expo86-16 - Introducing a 3D format that works
Expo86-17 - State's mission to create the future
Expo86-18 - Neighbours celebrate differences
Expo86-19 - Balanced view of tradition, innovation
Expo86-20 - Central Canada's content contrasted
Expo86-21 - Celebrating the Land of Living Skies
Expo86-22 - Slogan’s origins evoke special spell
Expo86-23 - Promoting a united European future
Expo86-24 - Cosmos becomes a European frontier
Expo86-25 - Nations still playing the train game
Expo86-26 - Involving audiences with star power
Expo86-27 - The Viking approach to exploration
Expo86-28 - An artful approach to Italy’s progress
Expo86-29 - Overcoming tradition’s boundaries
Expo86-30 - Films foreshadow departure to come
Expo86-31 - Memories that have lasted a lifetime
Expo86-32 - Surrounding us with natural beauty
Expo86-33 - Trains, planes once owned by us all
Expo86-34 - Examining Islam and Christianity
Expo86-35 - Introducing a Pacific Rim sensibility
Expo86-36 - Seeking stability in a changing world
Expo86-37 - Looking into global village’s future
Expo86-38 - Final thoughts on our Expo summer
Festival of Christianity and the Arts (1974) - Christianity focus of campus arts fest
Golden Harvest Theatre (1974) - Chinese film empires battle in B.C.
Hollywood Theatre (Vancouver; 1984) - Surviving as an independent
Mensa convention address (2002) - What really happened on 9/11, 2001
Park Theatre (Vancouver; 1990) - “Jesus house” ripe for resurrection
Plaza Theatre (Vancouver; 1993) - Promising to make art its specialty
Point Roberts Theatre (1971) - X-entertainment just over the border
Surf Theatre (Port Coquitlam; 1970) - Adapting program to changing times
Surf Theatre (Port Coquitlam; 1972) - First one in is first to be squeezed out
Tsongas/health care op-ed (1992) - Medicare debate an American tragedy
Vancouver East Cinema (1990) - Curtain falls on an urban institution
Vancouver's Pacific Press (1979) - 8-month-long strike shutters dailies
VCON 2 - Philip K. Dick (1972) - Weighing in on Wells versus Verne
VIFF Jury Duty (1992) - Summoned to serve; first selected
Xrystos voskres! (1971 feature) - The fine art of Ukrainian Easter Eggs