Made in Canada

Action: The October Crisis of 1970 (1974; doc) - Posing questions, wrestling with answers
Adjuster, The (1991) - Psycho-drama targets social concerns
Agnes of God (1985) - Drama offers a clash of symbols
Alien Thunder (Le tonnerre rouge; aka Dan Candy's Law; 1974) - Redneck redcoat's tale turns tragic
Amateur, The (1981) - Taking the Company's business private
Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The (1974) - Flatmates' pact results in fine film
Atlantic City (1980) - Never too late to make good
Back in Action (1993) - Specializing in familiar stock shocks
Bay Boy, The (1984) - Director's homecoming a family affair
Beautiful Dreamers (1990) - Art and science find common cause
Beavers (1988; doc) - Celebrating nature’s own dam builder
Bethune: The Making of a Hero (1990) - Awkward telling of the passionate tale
Between Friends (1973) - Shebib follows the wrong story
Bingo (1974) - Vision includes street-level humanity
Black Christmas (1974) - Sorority house stalking shocker
Black Robe (1991) - The 1630s seen in 1950s shades of grey
Blindside (1987) - Serious stuff struggling to get out
Brood, The (1979) - Probes modern medical malfeasance
Brother of the Wind (1972) - Wolf ways downright primitive, savage
Buried on Sunday (1992) - Island decides to take its fish and go
Calendar (1993) - Language only part of the problem
Cannibal Girls (1973) - Offering something new on the menu
Car 54, Where Are You? (1994) - Car 54, Where Are You? Good lord, it's Toronto!
Carry On Sergeant! (1928) - Exploiting Canada's service tradition
Child Under a Leaf (1974) - Child bearing seen as a malicious act
China Mission (1980; doc) - Film a disservice to a great Canadian
Christmas Story, A (1983) - One film that really is a classic
Class of '44 (1973) - Shallow sequel gets a failing grade
Clearcut (Terre Rouge; 1991) - Spirit of the land taking its revenge
Concrete Angels (1987) - Rockin’ out on Toronto’s mean streets
Cordélia (1980) - Period piece made timeless drama
Crazy Moon (1987) - Examining some early indiscretions
Dance Me Outside (1994) - Not just growing up, but growing wise
Dead Zone, The (1983) - Second sight shows future shocks
Death Hunt (1981) - Falsifying history for fun and profit
Death Ship (1980) - Ship's cargo a load of Nazi nonsense
Death Weekend (The House by the Lake; 1976) - Her choice is submission or survival
Decline of the American Empire, The (Le déclin de l'empire américain; 1986) - Ciné excellence has a Québec accent
Diplomatic Immunity (1991) - Making the choice not to walk away
Dog Who Stopped the War, The (La guerre des tuques; 1984) - Snow queen commands ice palace
Dolores Claiborne (1995) - Essentially it’s a homicidal chick flick
East End Hustle (1976) - Director wants to be taken seriously
Falling Over Backward (1990) - Sentimental journey with a hard edge
Fox, The (1967) - Relocating English lust to Canada
Freshman, The (1990) - Pitched to a screwball comedy crowd
George's Island (1989) - Guarding Kidd's George's Island gold
H (1990) - Intense tragedy of self-imprisonment
Hard Part Begins, The (1973) - With authentic mood and gritty reality
Heartaches (1981) - Shebib goes down the road again
High (aka In; 1967) - Sex more poignant than passionate
High-Ballin' (1978) - Rural raunch designed for drive-ins
I Love a Man in Uniform (aka A Man in Uniform; 1993) - Seduced by force's dark side
Imaginary Tale, An (Une histoire inventée; 1990) - Comic charm lost after a rape scene
In Praise of Older Women (1978) - In praise of Helen Shaver
Janis (1974; doc) - Truth told between the lines
Jésus de Montréal (1989) - Examining His message in today’s world
John and the Missus (1986) - Tribute paid to magnificent obsession
Joshua Then and Now (1985) - Finding a feature within a mini-series
Journey (1972) - Mind, emotions engaged in flex time
Kamouraska (1973) - Damned until death does them part
Keep It in the Family (1973) - Ham steak, overdone, thickly sliced
La Florida (1993) - Francophone family follows a dream
Latitude 55° (1982) - Caught in a blizzard of discovery
L’homme à tout faire (The Handyman; 1980) - Settling for the strawberry Kool-Aid
Les Ordres (1974) - Examining Canada's October Crisis
Lies My Father Told Me (1975) - An unmoving chronicle of childhood
Love and Human Remains (1993) - Penetrating parable probes our reality
Love at First Sight (1977) - Sight gags outlandish but restrained
Loyalties (1986) - Feminist parable a Canadian classic
Malarek (1988) - Turning a true story into pulp fiction
Maria Chapdelaine (1983) - A Québec classic comes to life
Marie-Anne (1978) - Rich history as Harlequin romance
Married Couple, A (1969; doc) - Creating an urban true-life adventure
Married to It (1991) - A celebration of marital commitment
Masala (1992) - Many influences stirred into the mix
Mâles, Les (The Men; 1971) - Feminism prevails in forest primeval
Meatballs (1979) - Kinder, gentler cousin of Animal House
Mindfield (1989) - Over-the-top take on shocking truths
Montreal Main (1974) - Exploring life as a dramatic happening
Moonstruck (1987) - A tale of Italian-American twitterpation
Mort d'un Bûcheron, La (The Death of a Lumberjack; 1973) - Ambition goes beyond the possible
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994) - What have you learned, Dorothy?
Neptune Factor, The (1973) - Important questions are unanswered
North China Commune (1980; doc) - Documenting life in another land
Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (1981; doc) - Not a lot of honesty or nuance here
Nothing Personal (1980) - Things that don’t make it anymore
Of Unknown Origin (1983) - Maximum tension with minimum gore
One Magic Christmas (1985) - Angel represents Santa with claws
Palais Royale (1988) - Recalling Toronto the Less-than-Good
Paper Wedding (Les Noces de Papier; 1990) - Romantic rebellion in a refugee crisis
Paperback Hero (1973) - Song sets scene for misfit's tale
Partis pour la Gloire (1975) - Quebec resists call to King's war
Peanut Butter Solution, The (1985) - A talent for unconventional invention
Perfectly Normal (1990) - A self-consciously stylish urban satire
Pocahontas: The Legend (1995) - An alternative to the cartoon musical
Police Academy (1984) - Cop show just small screen silliness
Porky's (1982) - Rude humour a Canadian specialty
Porky's II: The Next Day (1983) - Defending Juliet's right to her Romeo
Quest for Fire (1981) - Humour leavens life lessons
Ragtime Summer (1977) - Conscience in conflict with reputation
Recommendation for Mercy (1975) - Court's decision called into question
Ref, The (1994) - Irish elf provides the profanity
Rejeanne Padovani (1973) - Peeling back the layers of civic decay
Roadkill (1989) - Falls short of spiritual transcendence
Rowdyman, The (1972) - Celebrating a life of whiskey, wenching
Running Brave (1983) - Bias is built into the casting process
Samuel Lount (1985) - Democracy's form shaped by sacrifice
Scandale (1982) - On Her Majesty’s sexual service
Scanners (1981) - Providing a mind-blowing experience
Second Wind (1976) - In pursuit of something more
Sex on Skis (Après-ski; 1971) - Who knows what's lost in translation?
Shadow Dancing (1988) - An unprepossessing possession
Shadow of the Wolf (1992) - Native magic lost in melodramatics
Shape of Things to Come, The (1979) - Cute robot hardly true to Wells
Silence of the North (1981) - Powerful roles for nature, landscape
Silver Streak (1976) - Pryor engineers a great train robbery
South of Wawa (1992) - Recalling Canada's love of losers
Speaking Parts (1989) - Sex and the scan-lined psyche
Special Day, A (Una giornata particolare; 1977) - Historic moment melds sex, politics
Starship Invasions (1977) - Earth’s population problem solved
Storm (1987) - Survival shocker stuck in first gear
Strangers in A Strange Land: The Adventures of a Film Crew in the Heart of China (1988; doc) - Selfless choice as the Canadian way
Surfacing (1981) - Film adaptation lacks directiion
Terry Fox Story, The (1983) - Film not up to its subject's stature
Threshold (1981) - Medical thriller provokes thought
Ticket to Heaven (1981) - Cult addiction a crisis of our times
Tribute (1980) - Heart and hope in human comedy
Two Amorous Women (Deux femmes en or; 1970) - Dubbing dampens film’s joie de vivre
Valérie (1969) - Cultural fallout from Quiet Revolution
Videodrome (1983) - Understanding Cathode Ray Mission
Visitor, The (1974) - Inflaming the winterland imagination
Volcano: An Inquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry (1976; doc) - Expat author claimed for Canada
Vraie Nature de Bernadette, La (The True Nature of Bernadette; 1972) - Somewhere between saint and whore
Wars, The (1983) - Great War inspires not-so-great film
Wedding In White (1972) - Setting standards in style, sensitivity
White Dawn, The (1974) - Learning the meaning of civilization
White Light (1991) - Surviving a near-death experience
White Room (1990) - Back down a well-travelled path
Why Rock the Boat? (1974) - Canadian take on Capraesque comedy
Winter Tan, A (1987) - Intense, all-stops-out performance